Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Year Resolutions

I was thinking about New Year Resolutions this year. How January is almost over and what have I done with my time? Some of the things I originally wanted to set as goals don't look like they'll happen. Life sometimes just throws me a curve ball and there is nothing that can be done but just learn to be flexible.

So I decided to set a new one based on my new circumstances and that is: Finish what I start. I'm great about starting things. Books (at LEAST 5 of them started!), craft projects, house projects, diets and exercise programs, etc. My problem is finishing them. It does me absolutely no good to start something and not finish it. You really don't lose weight and keep it off if you don't follow through. The house is not more organized if you start a project and then don't finish it. In fact it usually makes a bigger mess than when you started!

So I'm going to try. Try envisioning what work will need to go into a project before I start so I can decide if I actually will be able to do it all the way through. Try to make the commitment to actually see a project to completion. Try anyway. That's the plan. Old habits are hard to break!

So how did your January go? Did it go the way you want to spend the rest of the year? Or what changes need to happen so you can live a fulfilling 2011? The year is still young!

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