Friday, July 1, 2011

So Much More Chapter 10-Fathers, Daughters and Highest Education

Pg. 129 The wrong education can pollute her mind, corrupt her heart, and make her useless as a tool for God's glory.
I would say, in many ways I agree with wrong education polluting one's mind. Growing up I was not firmly grounded in Christ. I didn't have a solid relationship with Him. It was more about standards than Christ. If I had gone to a public school or college I know I would have wandered in my faith. However, I am not saying that all institutions are sinful to go to. (nor am I implying that the authors are saying that) I know kids who have gone to public school and college and came out fine. In fact it amazes me and I have more respect for them. Its not hard to stay pure when you aren't tempted everyday. Its not hard to be "different" when you aren't pressured to conform.

That being said, personally I don't see the huge benefit of going off to college. It is extremely expensive and not the most efficient. (in my opinion) Whoever came up with the idea of distance college learning was a genius. I never understood the whole degree thing. I have seen people with a degree who hardly knew anything. They were just going for the diploma and not the knowledge. I have seen others who didn't have a degree and who really should have been teaching at a college since they knew so much! Yet they wouldn't get hired simply because they didn't have a piece of paper?!?! Really?!?! It drove me crazy!

I think that's one of the reasons why I jumped onto the So Much More bandwagon. I felt like it gave me "permission" to do things unconventionally. It sounded so good to say to people "No, I'm not going to college. I think God wants me to train to be a keeper-at-home" Who could argue with God? At least if people didn't agree or thought I was crazy they respected the fact that I was trying to please God. In reality, I was just afraid to say, "No I'm not going to college. I'd prefer to learn in a way I think best" Gasp! Have my own opinions and be willing to stand up for them?!?!?

I think this post ended up being my own thoughts of why I didn't do college and the reason I should have had instead of a book review. Oh well. It's my blog. :-)

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  1. Disturbing thought, learning wrong can make a person useless to God.

    Your opinions are very keen (imho).